Information and advice on supporting dyspraxia
Activities to support a dyspraxic child in the classroom

Our powerpoint presentation:
Expanded information advice and strategies for global delay, including helpful resources (webistes and books).

Practical advice for ADHD, general advice and questions to use to ensure yor planning is inclusive.
Some insight into an Autistic child's thoughts and feelings, worth a read.

Some tips on how to calm and relax chidren with Autism.

Strategies, resources, websites and solutions to possible problems you may face when teaching a child with EAL.

SEN_activities.jpg Suggested activities from a book on dealing with sensory processing disorder in your classroom (ref in global delay doc).

checklist_for_sensory_processing_disorders.jpg checklist_cont.jpg checklist_cont_2.jpg
Checklist from the same book to use if you feel you ay have a child who has some sensory processing difficulties (complete cheklist across these 3 files.